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California Department of Education: 2019-20 School Year Homeless Education Data Fact Sheet

This California Department of Education (CDE) fact sheet shares data on students experiencing homelessness in California during the 2019-2020 school year. Topics include enrollment by grade level, enrollment by race and ethnicity, high school graduation rates, college enrollment rates, discipline data, chronic absenteeism rates, state assessment test proficiency rates, and more.

California Department of Education: Applying Homeless Education Data at the Local Level (recorded webinar)

This May 2022 CDE webinar explores homeless education data that are available at the local level, how to access local-level homeless education data, and how to use homeless education data to inform local program planning and implementation.

California Department of Education: California School Dashboard

The California School Dashboard provides parents and educators with meaningful information on school and district progress so they can participate in decisions to improve student learning.
CDE's' Dashboard Communications Toolkit includes helpful resources for sharing about dashboard data with a variety of audiences, including parents and educations.
CDE's 2022 Dashboard Summary, which includes indicator data disaggregated by homeless status and other student subpopulations, summarizes key takeaways from the 2022 California school dashboard.
CDE's School Dashboard Additional Reports and Data webpage provides access to the following additional reports: the Five-by-Five Placement Reports, the College/Career Reports, the Graduation Rate Additional Report, the Participation Rate Report, the Student Groups Report, and District/Charter Performance by County Reports.

California Department of Education: Homeless Children and Youth Data webpage

This CDE webpage links to a variety of data reports on students experiencing homelessness in California.

California Department of Education: Homeless Youth in California Schools webpage

This CDE webpage’s Data & Outcomes tab shares recent state-level educational outcomes for students experiencing homelessness.

National Center for Homeless Education: Data webpage

This National Center for Homeless Education webpage links to a variety of resources related to data on homeless education and homelessness, including information on collecting homeless education data as required annually of state education departments and school districts by the U.S. Department of Education, and access to a variety of sources of national- and state-level data.

SchoolHouse Connection: Child and Youth Homelessness in the United States: Data Profiles

This SchoolHouse Connection webpage, developed in partnership with Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan, provides searchable and interactive data profiles to raise awareness of the scale and impact of homelessness on children and youth and underscore the need for action to meet their needs. These profiles make homeless education and related data available at the national, state, county, school district, and congressional district levels.

SchoolHouse Connection: Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS): Research, Practice, and Advocacy Tools

This SchoolHouse Connection webpage compiles YRBS research, practice, and advocacy tools to provide convenient access to those who wish to understand what the YRBS reveals about students experiencing homelessness, and how to use this information in their own work.

Sample Materials

Aligning Education and Housing: Data Sharing Agreement Template

This sample template from the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities seeks to foster data sharing between housing and other sector organizations in order to improve efficiency, reduce duplication of efforts, and increase holistic care for low-income children. It draws upon successfully implemented data sharing agreements between housing authorities and other organizations. The template allows for flexibility by permitting the insertion and deletion of parts where indicated to fit community needs.

Seattle Public Schools: Data Sharing Agreements
These Seattle Public Schools agreements allow for the sharing of identifiable or non-identifiable student data with community-based organizations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act’s institutional service exemption.
Learn more about Seattle Public Schools’ data access for partners.