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Awareness Videos


16:49 - Sixteen Hours, Forty-nine Minutes

16:49 is a 1-minute 30-second video produced by Project 16:49, a group of service providers and concerned citizens working to provide a safe and stable place for youth experiencing homelessness in Rock County, WI. This brief video explores the 16 hours and 49 minutes students experiencing homelessness must live through between the end of one school day and the beginning of the next. Featuring the experiences of Kayla, Cory, and Brandon, three unaccompanied homeless youth, 16:49 is a powerful look into the daily lives of some of our nation's most vulnerable young people.

60 Minutes: The Hard Times Generation | 60 Minutes: Families Living in Cars

Host Scott Pelley takes a closer look at family and youth homelessness in Central Florida. Pelley profiles several different families in homeless situations, including a family doubling up with a neighbor, a family living in a motel, and a family living in a truck.
View The Hard Times Generation (Part 1) (14 mins)
View Families Living in Cars (Part 2) (14 mins)

America's Promise Alliance: Don't Quit on Me Mini-documentary

The 2-minute Don't Quit on Me mini-documentary examines, from the perspective of young people themselves, the important role that relationships with interested and supportive adults and peers play in decisions about staying in, leaving, and returning to high school.

Education Week: Homeless Students In Their Own Words

This 2-minute Education Week video features two students in the Kansas City, KS public school district as they share how support from their school has made a difference in their lives.

HEAR US: Positively Homeless: Invisible Family Homelessness in America

This 5-minute awareness video from HEAR US shares about the dynamics and struggles of family homelessness in America as shared by Nicole, a mom with school-age children who has stayed in her car and a hotel while experiencing homelessness after falling behind and being evicted in Michigan.
View other HEAR US awareness videos

PBS Newshour: To Fight Student Homelessness, This District Helps the Whole Family

If students experiencing homelessness are worrying about where they will spend the night, it's likely they won't be thinking much about their homework. And in one of the poorest districts in Kansas, educators have realized that to help students experiencing homelessness, they need to do more to help these students' families. This 7-minute 2017 PBS Newshour segment shows special correspondent Lisa Stark of Education Week traveling to Kansas City to explore their unique program.

SchoolHouse Connection: The Value of Education and Educators for Students Experiencing Homelessness

In this 3-minute video, SchoolHouse Connection youth scholars with lived experience of homelessness share the protective and restorative role education and educators played in their lives during and following experiences of homelessness. Listen to understand and be inspired!

The Homestretch

The Homestretch follows three teens experiencing homelessness as they fight to stay in school, graduate, and build a future. Each of these smart, ambitious teenagers - Roque, Kasey and Anthony - will surprise, inspire, and challenge audiences to rethink stereotypes of homelessness as they work to complete their education while facing the trauma of being alone and abandoned at an early age. Through haunting images, intimate scenes, and first-person narratives, these teens take viewers on their journeys of struggle and triumph. As their stories unfold, the film connects viewers deeply with larger issues of poverty, race, juvenile justice, immigration, foster care, and LGBTQ rights.
View the 4-minute video trailer
View the full 1 hour 30 minute movie

Under the Surface: A Short Video on Empathy

Under the Surface is a 4-minute video that helps viewers consider the ideas of what is happening "under the surface" and "if I had knowledge of their experiences" as illustrated through the personal vignettes of students and educators facing many challenges and struggles outside of school.